Unique Experience. Unique Perspective

We have over a decade of experience resolving tax disputes.

Exceptional Bay Street service is part of our firm’s DNA.  Our principal Brandon Siegal is an alumnus of McCarthy Tetrault LLP where he trained with many of Canada’s top lawyers and resolved tax disputes for well-known multi-national corporations.  We have the pedigree to provide the extraordinary Bay Street service that our clients expect.

Equally important is our understanding of the government.  For five years, Brandon represented the Canada Revenue Agency.  We understand the government system, the internal policies and Brandon has meaningful relationships with top government officials.  We draw upon our government experience daily to obtain pragmatic resolutions to tax disputes.

Home Court Advantage

We feel at home in the Tax Court.  Brandon Siegal started his career with a judicial clerkship at the Tax Court of Canada.  Since then Brandon has appeared regularly in Courts across Canada having won more than 50 cases before the Tax Court, the Federal Court of Appeal, the Ontario Court of Appeal, the Federal Court and the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.  Brandon has worked hard to gain the respect of the Courts – he understands that each judge is different and tailors his presentations to their individual preferences.

We Play Well with Others

Our approach is to first seek resolutions outside of court using our knowledge of government policies and procedures to obtain cost-effective, confidential solutions to tax disputes where possible.  Then we will use our litigation experience as necessary to obtain effective results.  We operate in a transparent, cost effective and collaborative fashion that avoids gamesmanship, delays, and increased legal fees. 

We work as a part of your team.  We know that we are not your only advisors.  Our approach is to ensure that your entire team works together to provide you with the best and most efficient results possible.  We regularly work closely with other external advisors and collaborate with our client’s internal teams.  This approach provides you with the most efficient services and the best results.


A Modern Approach to Legal Services

At other Bay Street firms, you aren't just paying for legal services you are paying for overhead: giant offices, marketing departments, and hundreds of employees who are all part of each billable hour charged.  We leave those unnecessary costs behind.  By embracing innovative technologies and being creative we are able to keep our overhead low and focus on servicing your needs – charging you less for the same exceptional service.

At Siegal Tax Law you get exactly what you pay for. No fuss - just great legal advice.

Our fees are predictable and understandable.  This firm was founded out of our clients’ frustration with unpredictable legal bills that exceeded their budgeted amounts.  Great legal work isn't cheap, but you deserve fees that are logical and certain.   

We know that the traditional billable hour model doesn’t always work.

We price our services transparently offering flexible alternatives such as fixed fees, caps and success-based billing where appropriate.  We explain your options as part of our detailed budgeting process and design the solution that works best for you.  We take advantage of our modern billing system to carefully monitor our fees in real-time and to provide immediate updates when necessary. 

Our promise is that you will never receive an unexpected bill.