Hey Google - when you need to make your life better  Hey Siegal - when you need to make to deal with the CRA

Hey Google - when you need to make your life better

Hey Siegal - when you need to make to deal with the CRA

Hey Siegal, why did I get this...

Because you deserve it.

It’s been a great year and your friendship has been a big part of the success.

To celebrate, I want to share with you one of my favourite pieces of technology – the Google Home.

Simply put - this thing is awesome.

Use it when you’re cooking, when you want to hear the news or listen to a podcast, or when you want to get some music playing. I have posted some of my favourite suggestions below.

Call me anytime for tips. 416-915-1661.

Have a great 2018,


How To Use Your Google Home

A good start is to check out this article


One of Google Home’s coolest new features is its ability to read you recipes as you cook, to set timers, or to just keep you company.


Tell Google what song you want to hear and it will play it. A DJ who actually listens.  Who likes that? My kids do.

Get some more Google Homes and they will play the same music throughout the house.

Silly Google Tricks

Sometimes it is just fun to play with the Google Home as it has lots of silly tricks. For some of the best ones check out:

Funny Google

More Funny Google

Find Your Phone

Lost your phone?  Not a problem just say “k oogle, ind y hone,” and your Apple or Android phone will ring.

Make a Call

Your Google Home can dial out as a speakerphone with no long distance charges. Better yet you can set it up your own caller ID.


Podcasts are a great way to learn new things and escape from Tax Law.  Here are some of my favourites:

Building New Law

From our friends Peter and Natalie over at counter tax Law, this podcast focuses on the future of law, and is a great reminder that while the sky is not falling, things are changing and surfing the wave can be very fun.

The Sporkful

For those times when you miss hanging out with me, Dan Pashman is basically an even more “Brandon” version of Brandon. He can spend hours discussing completely irrelevant topics such as whether or not a hotdog is a sandwich or whether a bun should be placed on the bottom or top of a burger.


A podcast from the author of the award-winning book. Every week you’ll learn something with the level of detail you never thought you would want in a fashion that you never thought would be fun. And trust me, you will love it.

More To Come

As I learn tips I will update this page. Let me know your favourite tricks and I will add them.